highlights from our last gig at the piano room.

..to my music friends, here’s an old track i did 4 years ago with my sister on garageband (represent).

Messin around with the Band.

We Didn’t Know feat. Abi Pamei | Niko Ramos

..you may or may not have heard this one. quite the dust collector now. Written by abi pamei and me.

Frontin’ (Cover) - Niko Ramos (with City Love Band) (by kneecolabs)

Good mate from work decided to redo when im with you. I’m blown away. have a listen. 

When I’m With You

When I’m With You by Niko Ramos

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Music & Lyrics by Niko Ramos

Recorded, Produced & Mixed by Anthony Ferrét

(A song I wrote in LA back in late 09 about this girl who has the ability to remove all of my confidence and at the same time replaces it with an awkward nervous version of myself that only seems to appear whenever she is present)

Here it is. First of Many. 

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this song was written by a friend of mine, Niko Ramos. i love it because the simplicity of the melody and the meter of this song allows the emotion to flow effortlessly out..

im not sure if Niko had this image in mind when writing this song, but every time i hear it, i always picture sitting and chilling in the golden hours of the day, and every thing is in slow motion, as if to emphasize the fact that each moment needs to be cherished. and theres so much optimism in this song, its as if the insecurities felt are immediately eased by this one person that this song is being sung about..

this song is definitely my new favourite.

here is an interpretation of this song, performed by another friend of mine Harry Mellon

love your work boys! you inspire me.

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In many ways, this song is made for this man right here. enjoy :)